Is there a way to automatically create ModelCurve(in project) from ModelCurve(in family) by Dynamo?

Hi everyone,
In my firm’s project, we create some curved module units family for balcony and after then, create floor along that edge curves (see example image).
It’s a huge time consuming by picking one by one module unit’s edge curve. So, in family enviroment, i created model line and lock it to form edge and reload into project. In project, i can see model lines inside family but i can’t get these model lines to create floor from them by dynamo. I search and tried many nodes, many way but still nothing get further.
So, any suggestion or help will be appreciated.
Thanks for reading.

Could you at least post one of your failed attempts? Posting some workflow, even if it does not work might lead to getting help or get you some pointers.

Hi Tom Kunsman,
Thanks for reply. Below is workflow. When i connect Element Geometry to Element Curves, Revit will be Not Responding, be waited for it but after a long time it still Not Responding. My PC is core i7 and has 16GB of Ram. Therefore i think problem is from nodes, not PC’s resource.

Hi !
Did you try connecting the elements directly to Element.Curves?
Also if you need the curves for the floor boundary you can do that in dynamo instead of creating model curves first.
What kind of curves did you use in the family?