Select Groups in Model Containing "X" and Reassign to a New Level:

Hi All,

I have a new two-story building with six areas and scope boxes, each will have a different slab elevation per grade. The model has already been built with one continuous slab.
I am new to Dynamo, however, this seems like a perfect task for Dynamo to assist with.

Breaking up the slab is pretty straightforward and easy.
The walls, equipment, and everything in between sounds long and tedious.
I wanted to start simple and try to select groups containing “Area xxx” in the type name and reassign to the new level.
I have attached a screenshot of my beginnings.
I am having trouble with the graph selecting the desired Groups, and I am not sure where to start as far as reassigning them to a new level.

If anybody has any thoughts, insight, or links to other threads that could be useful, I would be forever grateful. Thanks in advance!

Hello. Where is the node ElementFilter.ByName from?

Looks to be from Clockwork.

The node is from Rhythm and it is not being used correctly in this case. (I am a little unsure what the List.Contains is supposed to be doing for you. :confused:

Value = string you are looking for
filterMethod = one of the indicated methods on the input Contains, StartsWith, etc.

Here is how you can filter group types:


Thanks, @john_pierson!
You are obviously correct in your unsureness.
Still learning and stumbling my around here. :slight_smile:
Thanks again for your help and reply!

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Glad to help out. Stumbling through is definitely something I am very familiar with. :grin: