Filter group members by category

Hi everyone! I’m new as Dynamo user. I am trying to understand in which way I can use Dynamo to create a schedule of elements created in a Revit model. Particularly, I have a model of a Hotel room, made up of two parts. In revit, I have created this two parts of the room as groups, containing different elements (walls, floors, generic models…). Now, I would like to recognize this groups in dynamo, recognize the levels of this group, and all the elements of this group. Finally, I want to filter the found elements in order to obtain only the generic model. Is it possible? Can someone help me?

Thank You in advance!

Hi @Angi92

You need to use “List.GroupByKey” node.

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Hi Kulkul, first of all thank you for your reply! I have tried to do what you suggested, but it doesn’t work! I attach the image. Any idea? Thanks!

@Angi92 Change Lacing to longest at “List.GroupByKey” node.

to understand lacing… yet another answer by @Kulkul