Select.GetRoomAtPoint and RIE_Element_SpaceAndRoom - Phase

Hi everyone,

I am trying to locate ceilings in a model based on a list of points that seem to be positioned correctly. My intention is to associate each ceiling with a room. I tried to finish the script both with Select.GetRoomAtPoint and RIE_Element_SpaceAndRoom (credits to Dynamo - Push room name data to ceiling components)

The problem is that I have several phases in the model and both nodes only return rooms that are placed on the most recent phase. Is there a way to get around that?


Hi @Fabiana.AlmeidaWGFSM,

You can use the Room ToElement node of the Genius Loci package instead.

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Thanks! Unfortunately, for some reason this node returns an empty list…

Yay! It’s working now!

I had to slightly adjust the RIE node, so that phases are considered. Inside the custom node, I unwrapped the phase and changed the python script to include it using a different method from the API - GetRoomAtPoint(XYZ,Phase) instead of GetRoomAtPoint(XYZ). I also removed the spaces as they are not relevant for what I am doing.