Select All in Active View / Filter Elements in Active View


HI! I am creating a graph to change tags in multicategory tags, and I got stuck here. I am trying to select all elements of a Type in the active view. The node from Steamnodes is not helping.


Here the whole graph. I thought I was done…



I think this a classic question for dynamo… KR Andreas


I may have not explained myself properly.

I already get all the elements of the type in the project using Family Types and ElementType.Instances.

What I would like to get are all the tags of the type but just in de Current View or a Selected View.


Try this


I ended using Elements.AllViewDependentInstances, from Clockworks too. It was exactly what I was looking for, and I found a bit easier to implement it in my graph. But I hadn’t found it without your help! Your workflow was anyway a valid alternative.