Select Elements By Using a Parameter Values Saved from an Excel File

Hi! Good day! Here is my problem. I have a list of values of Element Mark (parameter) line C1, C2… etc which I saved inside an excel file. I want to use this list of parameter value to select the elements having this values on their Mark (parameter) and override all their colors. Help me if you have suggestion. Coz the script I made no changes happened. Thank you.

Hi @lorelogart ,
I see that the process is correct, but maybe that the data types is the problem ?
Here are two proposals :

  • Activate the “ReadAsStrings” in the node Data.ImportExcel, and see if this will work.
  • I would use the node AllIndicesOfItem instead of StringContains to find the indices of the ListFlatten results in the project, and then the node GetItemAtIndex to find the corresponding elements from the node Element.GetParameterByName.

@lorelogart That might be because you have not taken into account the lists’ lacing.
Try this instead and see if it helps:

Hi @AmolShah, where to get the List.AnyTrue node? thanks

@lorelogart I was using the newer sandbox version and it had that as an OOTB node.
It might not be available in Dynamo 2.0.x. You can do this to get the same result: