Setting parameters with an excel file


I was trying to make a script to modify/ adjust parameters in a family type according my excel file. The excel file (currently has 3 columns as parameters) and I want to expand this to more parameters if it’s possible to set parameters.

The graph worked untill the List.getitematindex. After this I was trying to filter all the elements with a window mark (1-20) but somehow it didn’t read the value.

Someone got an idea why this isn’t working?

Thanks in advance!

Youre input in elementfilter by parameter equels i think needs to be a string or element ID or ???

Hi @DavidV, what kind of error are you getting in the yellowed nodes?

Could be because of the ObjectType that you’r feeding to the Node?

try using the node String from Object after the node List with window marks


If I use the “String from Object” I get empy list values:

Is the problem maybe that you aren’t able to put a list of values as an input in the node “elementfilter.byparamater”?


I get the following errors:



Do the windows elements in revit already have a mark? before you run this graph?

Give a window in revit a mark.
put that string value into the value input of the filter node

and see wat happens

@Nico_Stegeman yes they already have the mark.

But the node “List with Window Marks” is generated by excel so it its not an object element.

does the windows in revit have the same mark as the ones you get from the excel file?

show a watch node after the node all elements of family type node
ElementFilter.ByParameterEquels wich package is that?

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I also do not recognise the ElementFilter.ByParameterEquals node. Did you try to replace the node with “Element.SetParameter.ByName”, instead of the one that you are using now?


same thought here

Put a Element.GetParamterValueByName node after the node All Elements of FAmily Type
And input in parametername: “kozijn_merk”
So we know a little more

@Nico_Stegeman @JFK

from all elements of family type into element.setparameterbyName and you get no warnings

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is something like this what you are looking for?

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Somehow this solution worked :’) I don’t know why. Thanks for the alternative graph, but the main goal is to modify parameters by only using an excel file. Maybe I’ll contact you in the future for some easy questions. I just saw you are Dutch as well.

Thanks a lot Nico!

@JFK also thanks for the help

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Glad I could help you

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Good that worked out for you! Cheers!