Input from Excel

Hello everybody,

Is it possible to use an Excel file as input for checking parameters in Autodesk Revit by using Dynamo? I have a list of “allowed value” stored in an Excel file, and I want to check if all elements within the model respect those allowed value.

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Just use the Data.ImportExcel node which will read all the data from given excel file

Thanks for your reply, but probably I should elaborate the question. I’m trying to use an Excel file as list of allowed values for checking parameters related to a category. In the figure below, for example, I am checking on rooms category if the parameter “descrizione” has been filled within the Autodesk Revit model according to the list stored in microsoft excel. As it is possible to see from the preview box, Dynamo recognizes the excel file as list but it doesn’t work for comparing values from the node Elements.GetParameterValueByNameTypeOrInstance, by using a String.Contains node or similar (I’ve tried also with String.MatchRegularExpression by Clockwork or with the IsEqual node).
Any suggestion?

Hi, I think this should solve it for you. Just note the cross product lacing on String.Contains node. :slight_smile:

Edit: oh wait, you don’t need the ‘mask’ input at List.FilterByBoolMask to be @L2 :sweat_smile: . Still works either way.

It works properly. Thanks