Select Elements Based on Type parameter within

New to Dynamo, Trying to prove to employer it is worth learning.I need to automate a few things to show this.

My first item to tackle is taking the Start Connection of a beam and base on the information form that I want to put information in the comments.

for example if the Start Connection within the beam is ‘Beam Drag’ I need to put ‘DRAG’ in the comments. I want to do this project wide without having to select beams one by one, because that would not save us time.

The problem I am having is StructuralConnectionType is the only way I can isolate the Beam Drag variable. But when I go to Set ‘DRAG’ in the Comments parameter Dynamo doesn’t know which beams to apply ‘DRAG’ to.

I have searched for a long time within these forums and found nothing that helped me.

Below is successfully isolating the beam drag parameter, but I cant apply my set.parameter to beams that have that isolated Start Connection.

It tells me there is no Parameter by that name. It is trying to change a parameter (comments) that exists within a beam family, but the element selected there is the Structural Connection Type.

Yeah not sure, perhaps select the connector this way, think it’s something to do with not finding the element. Don’t really mess about with structural stuff :slight_smile: Someone will be able to help tomorrow though

@dan_buys What is the relationship between the beam and the connection. Is the connection hosted by the beam?

  • See in properties if you can find any parameteres that link the two
  • Check with Revit lookup for the same
  • If no parameter link them you will have to get the geometries and check distances.

If you upload a small file with a beam and a connection, I could be more specific.

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The Beam contains the Beam Connection.

(The sample below only had Moment Connection as the type, but it will achieve the same process, I would just put ‘Moment’ in the comments section)

Beam Connection.rvt (548 KB)

okay, I think I understand, something like this?

This is what I did at first, but this doesn’t recognize what type of connection it is, only if it has one or not.

I know I didn’t finish it, but the list should say Moment Connection or Drag Connection.

Try Element.Name as in my image. A Revit element is returned by the get parameter node, you can tell by the green labeled ID number. You need to get the name from that element before you can put it in the comments parameter

This is where I am now. I don’t have any errors on this one. As you can see it is returning an empty list for the elements I need to modify. I assume my mistake is somewhere between the Element.Name node and RemoveIfNot node. I feel like I am close.

Hi Dan
Were you able to resolve this issue?