Select edge - roof

With select edge you can select all the straight lines of the roof?
For the roof image “select edge” I must repeat it many times to get the 17 lines of the roof
is there a way to read the lines?



Would “Select Faces” + “Surface.PerimeterCurves” help you?


Thank you very much Dimitar, solved …

Perimeter edges from faces will give you lots of coincident/overlapping lines. If this is a problem, you can take all the faces, join them into polysurface, and extract the edges. Should be nice and clean.



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Thanks Zach for help
something does not work … I tried with seven faces
where I went wrong?
Thanks again …



With version 7.6 Dynamo works.
Thanks for your cooperation

Here is a post about sloped roof & dynamo

I only see now your help … Thanks for your cooperation