Roof perimeter calculation

Hello people,

I have created a graph for calculation of roof element perimeter. The graph works fine but not perfect. Now when I look at it I can tell which one is the perimeter based on the two biggest numbers. However, I am looking for more straight forward (one number) solution. Do you have any ideas how to do this? I idea was to extract the bottom surface of the element, get the perimeter lines and sum their lenght. Idk if such an aproach is good and possible at all. Thanks.

BCT3_Obvod Roofs.dyn (20.5 KB)

not sure why the bottom did not work. this slightly different version did

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Probably because the Pick Model Element node I believe returns a single item, and the rhythm node may be looking for a list, even if its only one item in the list. I have seen this before.

It works fine with single items.

@PalyS’s example shows nothing selected which makes it harder to troubleshoot. @PalyS, can you upload a sample Revit file to recreate your conditions?


Good to know @john_pierson, thanks for the update!

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So, I tried it again with a list of items and the result was the same. For some reason it doesn’t read it as revit face. I work in Dynamo 2.0.2 may be that’s the issue.

Roof_test.rvt (1.1 MB)

BCT3_Perimeter Roofs 02.dyn (21.5 KB)

I can’t find hostobject.bottomsurface. can you tell me how to find it?

Hello, It comes from the Rhythm package.