Perspective View Node Overwriting Same View in Revit

Hello, I have created a Macro or Program using Dynamo, and help from this forum, to create a Perspective 3D view from a camera, to a target in my model. HOWEVER, I will have Multiple cameras I need to do this for. Currently every time I run this program, I have to pick a camera and a target, which is fine, but then it overwrites the last view with the new one… I need it to create a new view every time. Is there something I have wrong in my code?

Here’s a copy of what I have so far

Try closing the file between runs, using the dynamo player to run the script, or using a nodes and toggling it’s bool between runs.

I tried to use the Dynamo Player, but it had errors because there were no objects selected. Isn’t there a way it could prompt me to select the Camera, and then select the Target?

Yes. UI++ nodes in data shapes.