Section view along a path

Hi all,

I am trying to create section view along the center line of ramp but the section created is not visible in revit. Please let me know why is it behaving like this. So If I check the sectionview by its element id then it says no good views are available to view.

Please let me know how I can create a section along the centerline of ramp.

If it is a single ramp, i would use grids and Refplanes to place structural views.
They have the ability to use Refplanes and grids as a reference.

Hi @Draxl_Andreas I have tried that but I dont want like this.

If I take the section it should give me the whole cut section taken along its center line. At the circular portion we cant able to place that framing elevation. Please let me know how to take the section along a path

Finally I got the solution
Here is the script file. Custom node taken from “Bakery” package is used in the script

ViewSection.ByLine.dyn (50.6 KB)

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