Section Pipes is possible?

Hi all

Is it possible to collect all the elements "pipe fittings, connections and valves contained in section 135 of the pipe?

Yes How would that be? Can you give me an idea?

The section numbers are (sort of) retrievable for the ducts/pipes, but not the fittings and accessories.

The element IDs are viewable via the pressure drop HTML file report… perhaps you can harvest the information that way?

MEPover has a useful node for this. You’ll need to add logic to deal with tees/crosses.

thank you very much, i will see how do i filter the sections and then the ids contained in the sections ie if it is possible, the mepover package is not the best option for what i want

Good afternoon

I need help with filters
I want to filter the tubes on the red arrow section 1 but dynamo filters the section 148 on the blue arrow


Everything is going very well but I need to increase the level I would like the same procedure to be done automatically for example

the values ​​in “1”

Section 148
Section 141
Section 60
Section n …

be filled in 2?

sorry more there was an error there are 54 sections and the path described above only presents me with a result of 39 sections