Search nodes matching the output when extending a wire

This is an improvement suggestion.

It would be great if it would be possible to search from a list only of matching nodes when extending the wire.
Please see the image below.
At this point, the search window should appear and I would like to type and receive a list of matching nodes.

This idea is taken from Unreal Engine. Please see the image below.

Additionally, the search there is really fast. But I complained about this in a different post :wink:


It is a nice idea but that would become quite annoying when you already have the nodes you want to connect it to so every time you go to connect, a popup window shows. Maybe while holding the wire, you right click, and it shows a filtered search bar like you said?

In Unreal Engine it works this way: you click on the output and holding the left mouse key down drag the wire to the input field where you release the key. When released on the empty space the search box appears.

In Dynamo you click on the output and click on the input. Actually, when you click in Dynamo on the empty space when the wire is active the search box appears but then the wire is not connected to the selected node automatically. One needs to click on this node again.

There is not much difference between these to ways but I believe UE way is little simpler. Less clicking.

This isn’t built in but I think you might be able to make a view extension for it if you were so inclined. Would be quite nice.