Seaching nodes not working properly

I am experiencing an uncomfortable behaviour in the node search in the Dynamo version come with Revit 2020. When I write the word in the search box no all the nodes should come in the list are shown. This means sometimes I have to research “manually” in the packages and sub-lists, sections… to find the right node which it is quite uncomfortable how you can realise. Moreover. You can miss a node could be better to carry out the task you are trying to do.
Notice I set all the packages available.
I think I had this problem in the past with earlier version of Dynamo but I think I did not have this issue with the Dynamo version came with Revit 2019.
Is anyone experience this?
I was not sure which category of topic I should use.
Thank you.

Yes, it is a known fact, dynamo search function is unpredictable.

I mean, once you know the problems, you obtain consistent results, but you are correct, the results are not rational and there are always some missing nodes.

For some reason it’s not a priority of the dev team, so you better learn where to look for nodes through the browser…