Search larger list for matches in smaller list

I have a list of sheet numbers in my project and a list of sheet numbers in an Excel file. I want to create new sheets with sheet numbers not already in the project and bypass creating sheets with existing numbers. As such I want to filter the first list by the second list. I found this page in which the solution is to use the List.Contains node. However, this node is not working the way I expect it to work in my graph. How do I create such a filter of one list by another?

My graph and its results below. Notice that sheet numbers A8.1 through A8.3 are in both lists but have different indices (34-36 in the top list, 32-34 in the bottom list). In spite of their presence in both lists, the List.Contains node returns “false” for indices 34-36, which I thought would be “true”.

What if you change the level structure of the item to @L1 and the lacing to “auto”?


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Make sure you don’t have any trailing spaces. Someone else had that problem earlier in the week.

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Good thought. I’ve learned to trim these in Excel. So in this case there are no trailing spaces.

That is it. I’m still learning how the Auto lacing setting works. Seems to be a hybrid function. Thanks!