Search for node value

Hello everyone,
I did work on a complex script that has for sure more than 300 nodes. While using the script we did notice a problem and I’m pretty sure that I did use somewhere in the script constant instead of pulling the variable value. Also, I would bet that I did that in the code block. Now, my question is, is there an option that I search inside the Dynamo for the node value? For example, if I did set in some code block “Nenad is great” is there a way that I can search all the nodes that contain “Nenad”? I did try CTRL+F, set value and hit enter and Dynamo fall apart. Later I saw that with that action I did call monocle extension for the library…

Open the graph in a text editor, and you can use ctrl+f to find values in inputs, node names, and notes. Once found you can (carefully) edit the node name to find the issue at play. While there you may want to clear out an element bindings.

Generally speaking I recommend grouping all inputs, and making sure that all input groups are a consistent color. This makes tracking stuff like this down very easy.

Also I recommend running tuneup on the graph, as with 300+ nodes you likely have some degree of inefficiency with runtime that it can help identify so you can address the issue.

Jacob, I owe you a drink for this. One more question is there a way to trace back in Dynamo node by (assuming) GUID (in a text editor values by “Id”, like “Id”: “03ae4f3b53e44692b063b285236bc58a”)?