Learning Dyanmo

Hi Guys,

I am new to Dynamo and just off the bat, it feels that in order to successfully run scripts you somewhat have to have the nodes memorized. In your experience, what process have you developed to know which node to use where. Generally, I know what I want to do in my head, but trying to figure out a way to find the most applicable node to work into your definition can be very tedious when you dont have most of these memorized. I am interested to learn about your process and how you became familiar with the majority of these nodes. Or at least, how you go about finding and reconciling what node to use and when to use them.



I honestly will not pretend that i know the answer but experience has thought me with regards to my daily interaction with the dynamo community. You will learn by searching the forums, read others solution, have a go and try your own tasks using dynamo. The nodes and packages are there but sometimes could be very confusing on what to use. So for me my advise is start small like get and change parameter value, write something to excel and go from there. Do not think big yet…start small…enjoy

Knowing all the nodes really helps, and i know it can be really frustrating to not know stuff. For me it was (and still is) trial and error just as it is with any other program. If you see something that will apply later add it to the graph. Also don’t forget you can work backwards and forwards as your thinking applies.

Forwards thinking:

  • I want to work with stuff in the doors category(Category node and select doors).
  • I want to work with all doors (All Elements Of Category node).
  • I want to get a door’s parameter value (Element.ParameterValueByName node).
  • I need to know the Parameter Name is “Width” (String node and type Width).

Backwards Thinking:

  • I want to get the parameter values of some elements (Element.ParameterValueByName node).
  • The parameter name is “Width”
  • (String node and type Width).
  • THe elements I want this value for are all of one category (All Elements Of Category node).
  • That category is doors (Categories node and select doors).

Drawing out the graph beforehand helps a lot too - it’s literal boxes saying stuff like “I want to do this” and lines to new boxes saying “Then do this” and so on. Keeps you from going too far down the wrong path.

While knowing the nodes are important the concepts are arguably even more necessary (lacing, levels, list management, filters, and the rest are not something designers/architects/engineers are inherently familiar with). This is why once or twice a week I respond to a post with “Do every exercise in the Dynamo Primer, and redo any parts that are confusing a second time.”

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