Search and replace excel column to rename in revit

I have a revit file with a bunch of fixtures that have a parameter called “Equipment Tag.” They were given a name(AA-101, AA-102, AA-103, etc) and now the higher ups want to change those names. The list of names exists in an excel spread sheet. The original name is in Column A and the new name is in Column B. I need to search through Column A and find a name and replace it with what is in column B at the same row. There are about 1800 fixtures all over and airfield.


Can you show us what you have done already?

To do it in Dynamo, I would read in the names and then read in the excel file and transpose it. Then compare the names in vs the ones in the excel and then set parameters by name using those indexes.

Also, this may help you some if you need a bit of reading.

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Hello! It is easier for us to help if you already have a graph started so you can refer to it and ask about specific issues you are having. I’m sure I could help you complete this workflow but first you have to bang your head against the wall a bit trying to figure it out or else you won’t know how it works!
I would start with Getting the data from excel, transposing that, getting all the elements you want to apply the names to, and then working from there. I, personally would use a python node with nested for loops to organize the list before you change the parameter value but you could also use boolmask, dictionaries, etc… to figure it out. It all depends on what works for you.

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