Script fails when re-opened

HI all,

Currently using Dynamo 2.0.3

I am trying to re-create a script from the Aussie BIM Guru which can place tags in the current view, and am having issues.
I can create the script and it all seems to work. The issue is when I close and re-open the script. Once it is closed and the opened, it is full of errors. As far as i can see, it might be something to do with the All Viiew-Dependent Family Instances Of Category node.
When i first build the graph, its all OK, when i close and re-open it, the return is null.

All of the required tags and parameters are present in the file as i am using a test file and it works in the first instance.

What i cant work out is why it would work when you first build the script, but then come back with null once that script is saved, closed and re-opened? its a great script and can save my team a heap of time, but so far it is a one time use only :frowning:

If you run the script in Dynamo-player, does it give the same errors?
Running in Dynamo-player solves most element binding problems.
@JacobSmall might have some more insights.

When using Dynamo Player it still throws a warning.

Can you annotate where all the custom nodes are from (use a note, don’t change the names - the Monocle view extension is great for that) and then upload the dyn?

Thanks for your help all, it seems to have resolved itself. I really dont know how or why, but it is now working as expected…very odd.