Script runs with errors but results are correct

I created this script to take doors created on the Existing Phase to have parameters checked and unchecked, etc. This script gives errors but the results are what I wanted. Should I be concerned about the errors??? The error given is “no parameter by that name”…yet all parameters scripted were changed correctly.

That warning could be for any one of the elements you’re supplying. It could be that you have an element in your list that shouldn’t be there. It’s having issues managing the parameter but that doesn’t matter because it’s not the intended recipient anyway. It’s not necessarily a problem on it’s own, but it can be confusing and cause trouble later in some situations.

The errors didn’t show up until I added the Phase.ByName and List.IndexOf.

Sounds like you’re not filtering something properly or getting a null, but we can’t tell without seeing your node outputs.

@Nick_Boyts You were right. There are some items in the list filter that do not contain parameters, so they come up as nulls. I will filter those out!


So I’m having trouble getting the list filtered correctly. I’ve tried a lot of different nodes. The only one that worked for the list was to use String From Object then String Contains, etc. but I can’t connect the string into the element for Element Set Parameter. I need the list to only contain HM_SOLID to get rid of the null errors from my original script. Please share your thoughts!!

Right idea. FilterByBoolMask filters a list of items based on a mask (list of booleans). The in output represents the items with a true value and the out output represents the items with a false value. So you would filter the list of elements by the condition of whether names contain the string you want.

@Nick_Boyts Got it!!! Thank you. I knew I was super close. Thanks again!