Script executed twice

Dear all,
I created a script for pipe support. The script is working perfectly, the only problem is that I’ve to execute twice to achieve the correct result.
You can find all the material at this link

Thanks Cesare

Any suggestion on how to fix this issue?

Hi @Cesare_Caoduro3,

Try adding “TransactionEnd” and “TransactionStart” at the end of each operation.

Already done,
The problem is for Ubolts. The profiles are placed in the correct position with correct dimension, but not correct elevation

Try ading Spring.Input.Wait to organize the sequence on actions so you have the elevation before you set up the Ubolts

Thanks for the suggestion but also this is not working.
Actually at the first execution some of the ubolts are in the correct location and some of them not…that’s why I can’t understand what is wrong :slight_smile:

I actually opened your sample project and dyn now and I found what the problem is:

Your feeding this value with the pipe offset befor changing the pipe height.
I fixed this with extracting the offset from the element after changing the height:

It works correctly now.

You’re right, in that jungle I lost the way :slight_smile:
PipeSupportConfigurator.dyn (98.6 KB)

This is the final version with a small update. Now I’m filtering only pipe so, if you select a pipe with already insulation, you don’t receive an error.