Auto penetration sleeve of the pipe clashes with Floor or Wall

Objective of full script

*Selected pipe only get sleeve. (Completed)
*Sleeve automatically take abbreviation tag with respect to pipe service. (Completed)
*Sleeve get lock with respective pipe.(If Pipe get deleted sleeve also deleted). (In-Completed)

Current Script : This script is working fine few days back.

Current Issue : Today, I have attempted to run the script. However, It carried out, In an unexpected way.

  1. Dynamo is giving results, Which i can’t see in Revit in Floor plan or 3D View. However, Which are obtained in Schedule. As below.
  2. Manually i have inserted same family in same Level, Which is appeared in Schedule (with Red mark)

Please Clarify this behavior of the script

Current Issue :

After Some time i got this error

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I would follow the message , start Revit + Dynamo again . Do you get the same error ?
If you do , try running the graph on a small model (with only a few walls and pipes) - does it fail ?
This should give you an idea of what to look for .

Hi Jonathan,
Thanks a lot.

As you said, I have tried for one pipe & wall. However, I can’t find elements either in Floor plan Or 3D view. However, Which are obtained in Schedule.

I need to use this script for a project with more then 1000+ elements as list 2, those elements are Linked model Structural Framing elements. List 1 is selected model elements pipes.

I saw Revit plugins doing the same thing, Is that I need to go back for plugins if my Dynamo script is not having precision.

Do you need to select in a specific view or can you select by a node under Revit > Selection>select - all of category/family/type ?
I understood the issue was Dynamo crashing and not the script not finding elements .

Dynamo is not crashing
I see everything is perfect in dynamo
But results in Revit is the problem