How to put support on the above pipe

this is my problem a allredy created a script for a multi pipe support my problem is how to put the support if is multi level pipe please help me see attchment!

this my script i cannot uplload my script iam new but i attach a screen shot of


this is the image above

Try a google drive, box, one drive or similar file sharing service.

here is my script

this script create a pipe support,u-bolt & lenght of the the rod it a script my other people i just combine different capabilities of those script .the other thing that a want to achive is auto distribution with a slider, slope the support & the other one is to put a support & u-bolt in the upper layer pipe .i also did this on conduit & it works i will give this script when iam finish achiving this problem

this the guy that i get the scipt at first place Cesare_Caoduro3