Script creates sheets in subsub-section of sheet list?

I am trying to create a script that places Views (based on Floor Plans) on Sheets. It still needs some adjustments I know, but I can not figure out why the script put the sheets in a subsub-section in Revit…?

I have found suggestions here in the forums but there is something I am missing…

Any thoughts would be nice :slight_smile:


This has to do with the way you have set up your browser organisation. You most likely are sorting them based on a parameter. All you need to do is give that parameter the value that it needs. Triple question mark (???) is for when those parameters don’t have any value.

Hope it helps.

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Thank you for your answer! I am not quite sure I understand what “browser organisation” means…? :confused: I have tried to use sort nodes (Accending) with list as input and var[] as output. But that did not help.

The browser is setup standard accordingly to our firm and exact like in your video post.