I can add fields, but not remove them using the ScheduleView.RemoveFields. Anyone got this to work?

AddFields works…

RemoveFields doesn’t using the same input values. Weird!..

Any thoughts?

I’m guessing it’s because you’re running it in the same session. After you’ve added the fields, close and reopen your script to run it again with RemoveFields.

You are misunderstanding SchedulableFields and Fields .

Schedulable Fields are fields that can be added to the Schedule. This lists ALL fields that can be added, and not necessarily ones that Schedule already has. With that in mind, i think you will see that your mistake is obvious: how can you remove something that was not in the schedule?

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All in the language, schedule and schedulable. Doh! Thanks for clarifying.

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Is there anynodes that can create more fields or create new parameters in Key schedule instead of just adding the existing fields to the schedule?