Fighting with ScheduleView.RemoveFields


Hello again
I’m trying to delete a field from several tables at the same time, I have done several tests and I can only delete the field d the first table of the list…I’m new with Dynamo and I messed with the selection of items
I leave an image and the script … if someone can help me out


treue IFCexp.dyn (20.3 KB)

I’m still testing and I think I have not understood correctly what type of data the ScheduleView.Fields node gives me because the nodes I try to apply later do not work well:

treue IFCexp 2.dyn (29.6 KB)


Show us the error please.


this is the message, but the field is still in all the schedules from the idex 1


Try this:

Set the lacing to longest in the the removeFields node.
Attached file in Dynamo 2, although the graph is fairly easy to replicate.

treue IFCexp 3.dyn (12.7 KB)


thank you for your support but what I’m trying to do is eliminate a specific field-parameter from a group of schedules but in each schedule the parameter moves … and I guess that’s where the problem lies
therefore the best should be that the schedules were more ordered, maybe i have to reorganize them


No need to reorder the schedules, although some order in your model helps.

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OK!! that works perfectly!, I just don’t use List.Flatten node, if I do the script give me an error at the final node
Thank you a lot!

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