ScheduleView.AddFilters doesn't take my ScheduleFilter, although I can manually create it

The error “the filter value is not valid for the field and filter type” pops up.
Does anyone know what the issue might be ?
Revit 2021. My graph uses Orchid for 1 node.
This old post seems to suggest that the ScheduleView.AddFilters node sometimes behaves bad: ScheduleView.AddFilters - problem with adding a filter - #4 by Nick_Boyts?

Filters.dyn (37.9 KB)

@leen.van.pelt Try removing the Level.Name node and connect the Levels node directly to the value input.

It works for the Door Schedule, but not for the Window schedule. But if I switch the lacing to the join node in the beginning of the graph, it’s the other way around

So it only works with the first one in the list.
I’m confused.

I tried it out and it worked for me. Both with two filters or with one. Maybe try two separate filters though.

@leen.van.pelt It might be because of the crossproduct lacing you’ve selected on the AddFilters node.
Please change it to Auto and see if that does the trick.


Creating two seperate filters for each schedule fixed the issue.
In my inbox I got a reply from you @Nick_Boyts : ScheduleFields are unique elements. You can’t use the ScheduleField from your first schedule to set the filter for the rest of the schedules. You have to get each schedule’s particular ScheduleField and create a filter for each.
This comment seems to be deleted on here.
Filters-solution.dyn (29.6 KB)

Yup. My mistake. I thought I remembered ScheduleFields being unique to the schedule.

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