ScheduleView.AddFields not allowing fields that exist

See screen shot. Not sure why it isn’t allowing them.

The List.FilterByBoolMask node doesn’t have a mask input, so you’re passing a function instead of the filtered list you’re intending to.

Sorry I had made some edits. The issue was the list compare doesn’t show Number or Name as an equal.

Sorry, I made some edits but the issue isn’t with the error node/bool mask Look at number 66 and 67. I would expect true but am getting false.

Hi @dsmith

Use “String.Contains” node instead.

Thanks Kulkul. For those that look later the archi lab String.contains is what you are after.

edit: Actually, a slight issue. I am after when they are ==. The contains node approves anything with Number or Name in it such as Room Name or Room Number.

Figured it out. Wrote it in python. Solution below.