Schedules and costs with Dynamo

Hi guys im new in the dynamo world and nowadays im working in my M.S Thesis about economic impact of BIM in the early stages of a project (working with Mass Modeling and generic types of materials), Basically im working in refining a conceptual cost estimate of a project.

In few words what i need to do is get the data from Revit schedules and add cost formulas for some of the parameters.

for example i have compute a formula to get the cost of the footings of a building based on:

  • Number of levels
  • Use of the building
  • Area of the first Floor or length of first floor walls
  • Topography (basic)
  • Type of soil (soft,medium, hard)
Same With walls, Roofs and Curtains

my problem is that i have no idea how to get the data that i need (area of the fist floor and number of levels…). Its easy for me to export the project to a ODBC and work it all from Excel but i would love to do it on Dynamo.


Thanks from Chile.