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Hi everyone

I am wondering what is the fastest way to know the schedule for which category where built, (eg. Walls, Floors, …etc).

Python is better.

Thank you

Hi @Mohammad_Nawar
Use Element.Category node from clockwork:

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Hi @Kulkul

Please check below.

@Mohammad_Nawar can you check in Revit that is in fact a Wall schedule and not a Multi-Category Schedule? The Element.Category Clockwork node checks for the Schedule View Definition.CateogryId property and then converts the Ids to elements. Multi-Category schedules return InvalidElementd so that would produce a null when trying to convert the Id to element. (below is copied from API docs: )

Most schedules show elements of a single category. In multi-category schedules, the category ID is InvalidElementId. In key schedules, the schedule’s category is the category of elements that the keys are associated with.

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@Mohammad_Nawar It works perfectly from my side:

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@Mohammad_Nawar looks like your using the wrong node. Make sure your using latest clockwork package node.

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