Schedule.GetData from Bimorph Issue

It worked. Thanks!!!
What other node do you suggest to get all schedule views?
Thanks for your unconditional support once again!

Hi @Michael_Kirschner2 only the periodic updating attribute… but I’ve just disabled it and still see the same problem. Any ideas?

@Michael_Kirschner2 I recall encountering this problem ages ago and just located the GitHub issue I posted:

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Your options are quite limited unfortunately - there’s no way to resolve it through a custom node as its a flaw in Dynamo. Maybe create a list and connect a ton of View nodes or write your own FilteredElementCollector using Python.

cc @Michael_Kirschner2 the cause of the problem is coming from The OOTB Dynamo node. Basically, if you pass any view element (I’ve since tested this on ImportInstances and see the same issue, so it looks like its not confined just to views) into a ZT node and perform an operation on that view via the API which creates another API object, Dynamo appears to register a change event on the view and reprocesses the node… which leads to a never-ending loop which crashes Revit if Automatic execution is on. Disposing the API objects resolves nothing as I mentioned in my original error report on GitHub. Do you know of any workarounds?

Here is some sample code if you want to investigate:

public class Class
    public static List<List<string>> GetData1(Revit.Elements.Element scheduleView)
        List<List<string>> tableData = new List<List<string>>();
        ViewSchedule schedule = (ViewSchedule)scheduleView.InternalElement;

        TableData tb = schedule.GetTableData();
        TableSectionData scheduleTableData = tb.GetSectionData(SectionType.Body);

        return tableData;