Scale of Model when Export STL

Hi, I’ve been working on trying to 3D print models from Revit to scale and have been using dynamo to create a model inside dynamo the export STL. Problem is, I don’t know what scale the model is or that it exports at. Using some measuring and division, it appears to be 1" - 300’, but that seems oddly random and I’m unsure if it’s consistent or tries to fit the model into an arbitrary box. So my question is, what’s the specific scale and is there a way to change it? Even if I don’t know the how to change it, if I know the specific scale/box it’s fitting in, I can scale in Cura and manually change it to the right size.

@Comial Could you use Geometry.Scale before exporting to STL?


I can do that, but that just changes the original scale by another, if it’s 1-200, then that would just make it 1-400, but doesn’t give me original scale. Changing it in dynamo or in cura gets me the same result, but I don’t know what the scale starts at. If I’m changing it, I want to change the original scale of the dynamo geometry.

What’s your workflow? Do you go from Dynamo to Revit and then export to STL?

This is what I’ve been doing. I take the model from revit, grab some key parts, and then in dynamo “Export model to STL” from File. Ignore the list, that was me messing with something else with the model.

@Comial So you are aware of this?

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Ah, so other people are exporting STL from Revit. We’re using Revit 2017, which cannot export STL itself, so I have been doing it through dynamo. If I had been exporting from Revit that tip would have been helpful, and it appears you can set the scale you export to STL from. But as I’m exporting from Dynamo, I need the scale of the object from my original Model in dynamo itself. Like if I have a 40ft wall, what scale is dynamo rendering/exporting at?

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@Comial I think you need just to install the add-in in R2017

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Well I figured out the scale, I took the length of the Revit model and the length of the model in Cura, and it ends it up the scale it exports the STL as is 1mm - 1ft. Also, revit to stl has a bunch of stuff we don’t want to export, so we still plan on using Dynamo. But I will install the add in and see if it has anything else we can use. Thanks!

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