Scale geometry

Hi, Geometry Scale is not working. I am trying scale all these Polycurves to smaller scale in x and y direction (not z). How can I solve this problem? Thanks in advance.

Two things to try.

  1. Add an input of 1 to the Z scale to see if a forced value causes it to resolve.

  2. Scale cause by 1/10th of the desired number, and scale everything up by 10 after the fact.

  3. Since all the polycurves appear to be planar: find a Z value from a point along the curve; pull all the curves to the global XY plane by translating by the inverted Z value you pulled; scale away and don’t worry about the loss of Z scaling (they are all at 0 now anyway); Translate the scaled geometry by the initial Z values pulled earlier in the process.

Thanks, but there was simple solution. I’ve just divided PolyCurve to Curve and Scaled it.

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Guess it did not work, there are gaps between curves after scaling.

So all points on the polycurve have the same Z value? Post your dyn and any source geometry and I’ll have a look later.

Scale.dyn (68.6 KB)
Now, I am using Curves.DeconstructPolyCurve to find solution. But I guess it is not correct method to scale.