Save Local Model as Central Model

Hi everyone.
I’m trying to save a number of Local Revit Model as Central Models in the same folder
I’ve downloaded GeniusLoci package which has [Document SaveAs] node
But when I put in True; for saveAsCentral, it runs, resaves the Revit file as a local Revit file.
I want it to be central.

Isit because my local file is not workshared?
I thought Revit files that are workshared are central models already.
Of course my local files aren’t workshared yet if that’s the case.

What did I do wrong here?

Thank you

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You need to ensure your local files are workshared before using the saveAsCentral option in Dynamo. Worksharing must be enabled for a file to be saved as a central model. Check if the files are workshared first and then try again with the GeniusLoci package.

If I create Workset in the Revit file and Save it
It asks will prompt that this is the first time the model is saved since Worksharing was enabled, and that the model will become a central model

If I go with [YES] and save it as central model, it kinda defeats the purpose of using GeniusLoci’s package to make a Central Model. Wouldn’t it?

I want to make it so that the Script runs similar to

I don’t have the need to name the worksets individually

Tried something different just to see if this DocumentSaveAs works:
I have a Central model in server
Copied it directly into my local drive
Ran the [Document Save As] from GeniusLoci Package
It works!

But its creating a Central Model from another existing central model
What I want to do is to make Central Model from a Local Revit Model

Tried copying whats done in

but its still telling that the document is not workshared.

Help D:

Hard to tell what your complete code looks like, but it appears that your Python version needs worksharing enabled prior to saving.

This method will need to be called in such cases: EnableWorksharing Method

And you can check if the document is workshared using this property: IsWorkshared Property

Are there any Dynamo Packages that has the Enable Worksharing function?

Not that I know of; you’re already working in Python why not implement it yourself? Background processing via nodes is horribly unstable.

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