Dynamo automation for central files

Hello all!
I am following the dynamo automation by Andreas Dieckmann.
using Dynamo sandbox, it is absolutely the best method for mass-extraction and mass- adjustment of multiple models.
One of the limitations of the master graph is it’s inability to load central files. so central files need to be first saved as locals.
I found this blog spot by David Kingham

on his blog David explains and posts executable of Revit Launcher, that has functionality to create local files from central files, and therefore, convert central files to a state that master graph will be able to work. Unfortunately, David stopped updating his app and his blog in 2012, so Revit Launcher is of no use for 2015-2017 Revit.

Please, let me know if the functionality of that (Revit Launcher) app could be picked by Dynamo through Python

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Interesting. Are there some kind of command line options when starting Revit that this program uses?

If you host all your models on a revit server (We use an internal one for all projects) you can also use the Revit Server Tool to create local files. You could run this via windows sheduler along with your dynamo automation.

This could be implemented using Revit API and Dynamo.
However the easiest approach is to modify the original code and adjust imported libraries. This approach will solve the compatibility issues .

@erlich.denis - Could you create an issue here:

I don’t have much time these days, but I’ll look into when I get the chance.


With David’s blessing I published a slightly modified version of the code on github today. Please note this version of Revit Make Local has been modified for our office and may need to be adapted for your specific use:

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Yeah! AutoHotKey + Dynamo. Two killer automation languages.

In concept, we can have Dynamo write a file that AutoHotKey reads or vice versa. Clipboard can also be read/wrote by both apps.