Save Dynamo Workspace in Explicit Node Code

I am fairly new to coding and explicit node development, but i have successfully built a few after going through some of the tutorials online. I am working on an explicit node that will run a few processes to print some reports to pdf. However, prior to the print commands I would like to save the dynamo workspace. I noticed that Dynamo.ViewModels (Dynamo/src/DynamoCoreWpf/ViewModels/Core/DynamoViewModel.cs) contains some methods for saving workspaces. I am struggling on how what is needed to use the dynamo save command, with the check if the workspace already has a file name, like that checked in the ShowSaveDialogIfNeededAndSave method. I will be placing this code in the nodeModel.cs file.

Has anyone tried to include a workspace save command in in their node scripts? Can anyone share a few lines on what this looks like?