Document.SaveAs Node

Hi all, i’m a new user so sorry if i miss some basic knowledge about Dynamo. I’m trying to save a file automatically with the Document.saveAs node from Clockwork package but it seems it doesn’t work. Anybody already had problems with this node? the name that i’d like to input is taken from an excel file (i’m attaching a pic). Is there another solution that i can try ? Thank you in advance!

Hi @mar.prete

Welcome to the world of Dynamo!

Check your file path location. Make sure you mention drive or network drive also. Currently it is starting as “\”. Just use file path node. Good Luck!

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Thank you for your fast reply. I tried with the Directory path node because i’d like to save a new project file for the first time. I made some tests trying to choose a folder both in the C drive (img 1) and in the network drive (img 2) but it’s still not working.

@mar.prete if you ignore null value. Could you please check if the document is saved.

already checked, unfortunatly the file doesn’t appear

@mar.prete Add .rvt at the end of your c drive location.

I gave it a go,

I got a Null as well, but the file is actually saved.

Maybe check the “Document.Save.As” node with a simple instance.

Is the file type .rvt?

Hi @simoneavellini That is what i told at the begining :smile: ignore null and check if the file has saved.

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Is there a “save as” node or package that will permit the user to enter the file name and select the location to be saved via a dialog box?