Save As Multiple Document

hi all,
I am trying to follow this suggestion from Jacob
Mass save model groups to path - #5 by BenRobinson_HB

and trying to Save As a document into a multiple files with given names to a folder.
How do I get all items at index here?


maybe try creating a simple code block with this inside:
(instead of the FileSystem.CombinePath node)

DirectoryPath0 + "//" + DirectoryPath1 ;

it works thanks so much Daan. Cheers.

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Daan, one more question please;

I am now trying to opening 11 files that contain 11 groups with names. Then on each file with name that match with the group, i want to delete the other 10 groups.


Try using the Code Block, with “BATHROOM_TYPE 1” inside, as the “searchfor” input in the string.contains node. Then use the “out” output from the List.FilterByBoolMask node as input for your deleting

Thanks Daan. Will take another look.