Purge multiple documents and set starting view

Hi, I’m creating a script to open multiple files and purge them and then set a loaded titleblock family into the document after the purge. I’m not sure is this is possible. Been searching the forum awhile but can only find FileLoadFamily node that seems like its opening the document a second time from the node that is opening the document to purge. Not sure how to load in a family to an existing background open document if that makes sense.

I think the application close worked even though it said failed as I got back up documents for the open file.

also can you purge a document in background open? I’m sure I saw a post with someone saying you can do it

Hi @vanman,

I just updated the Genius Loci package and my Purge node now includes a document input.
So the first step of your graph should be able to be completed.

Purge Revit documents.dyn (18.8 KB)


omg I’m actually so excited! haha :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face: Just got to figure out how to load in a family from the open project to the background documents when I get another min :slight_smile:

I’m copying central files to another folder and renaming. Then opening them to test this script. I think this may be why I’m running into errors with document close? But I am decentralizing opening them. Anyone smarter then me can help to complete this? :slight_smile: also not sure if its my listing but changing the title-block in the starting view dosnt seem to be succeeding.

Before document.close I used document.save that worked for my.

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unfortunately I get its read only… :thinking:

guess because trying to decentralize I just have to save as a central again.