Sat TO revit2017_"a unrecoverable has occurred

Hi,every one .I am trying to import the 3d-dwg to revit though the dynamo.Dwg-sat -revit family . Firtly ,when the 3d molde is some simple solid ,such as cuboid ,it can work succefully .But when come to something more complexed , which is a pavement created by the civil3D .the revit 2017 always are out of work with the following massage:
hao de
I don"t know what is the problem. So i upload all my files here,hope someone can help to solve this problem.thank you very much !
actrually ,we are trying to export a civil 3d model to the revit .but all my dwg geometry is visible though my section has like 5mm for clip offset(all element in revit need a category). Maybe the dynamo is the only way to this problem.

Please report this issue here


the file with issues is here:
@ Vikram_Subbaiah: I can"t report the problem in your forum ,because i can"t receive the verified e-mail no matter how many times I have tried. I would try again an again !