Differing Results in Dynamo Player

In dynamo the bellow script seems to work as expected but when executed in Dynamo Player it does not insert family as expected. Player does not insert the family. Any advice would be great.

I’m trying to insert detail items in section views.


Try switching out Select Point on Face with a node like Pick Points On Workplane from the package Sastrugi; Not sure why choosing the point from the Player inputs doesn’t place the component, but that alternative node will work

Thanks for the tip. I would like to keep from using work plains if possible.


I have just updated the Sastrugi package to v 0.1.2 and this contains a node called :snowflake:_Set Sketchplane By View. When used in conjucntion with the :snowflake:_Pick Points on Workplane node, you can pick points in a section view.

Refer below. :wink: