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New Package Available.


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Sastrugi should now be live in the Package Manager.

Examples of use and more information can be found on the Package Website here:

This package contains 20 Nodes.

:snowflake:_Audit DYN File
:snowflake:_Convert Dynamo XYZ to Revit Coordinate XYZ
:snowflake:_Copy Filter Overrides to Views
:snowflake:_Count and Repeat
:snowflake:_Delete DYN and DYF Backup Files
:snowflake:_Find Elements with Overridden Graphics
:snowflake:_Find Floating Elements
:snowflake:_Fit Points by Coordinate Systems
:snowflake:_Get Dimension Overrides
:snowflake:_Intersecting Planes of Curves
:snowflake:_Map to the Rainbow
:snowflake:_Pick Points on Workplane
:snowflake:_Random Point Cube
:snowflake:_Remake Polycurve
:snowflake:_Set Sketchplane By Face
:snowflake:_Shortest Path By Curve
:snowflake:_Sort Points as Perimeter
:snowflake:_Sort Points by Average Vector
:snowflake:_Split List At Index

Special thanks to the following for support and inspiration:

Enjoy :grinning:

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Find angle of current view
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Good Job @Ewan_Opie :+1:


Teething issues…

@awilliams has informed me that the v0.1.0 download has illegal characters that the Package Manager doesn’t like.

A v0.1.1 version is available now, same content but without those characters. :+1:

(Installing v0.1.0 from a downloaded zip from to your package directory manually will still work though.)


Awesome stuff, I’m looking forward to using these! :grin:


Well i was gonna try and get some sleep but how can I with this cool new toy sitting in my laptop ready to play with? Looks great, I’m glad to see it out in the world!

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Minor Update v 0.1.2
5 new nodes!!

:snowflake:_Get All Elements in Project
This node will extract a list of all elements within the current Revit project file or project files from a document path.

:snowflake:_Override Projection Line Color in Views
This node will override the Projection Line color of multiple Elements in their owner views.

:snowflake:_Select PointCloud Points in View
This node allows users to select a specific number of PointCloud Point by creating a selection region in the Active View.

:snowflake:_Set Sketchplane By View
This node allows users to set the Active Sketchplane to be the Active View Plane.

:snowflake:_Set Text Note Width
This node sets the width of a Text Note Element.

I have updated the package website to reflect these additions and added one example showing the creation of a wall using PointCloud point selection in Revit. :grinning:

Enjoy and let me know of any improvements to be made.:wink:

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I am really happy to announce a new release of the Sastrugi package v 0.1.5 :grinning:
(Its been a long time coming, and will be the last for Dynamo 1.3)

I only now realise my v 0.1.4 release wasn’t posted here, check out the website for details:
Link for v 0.1.4

Included in this release is the first part of a collection of Pointcloud focused nodes.
This new section of the package allows interaction with graphics overrides, scan/region visibility, locations/transforms and point extraction. I have renamed my original node for selecting Pointcloud points, as well as including one that collects a sample number of points from the entire Pointcloud instance.

Also included is a node that uses basic Python RANSAC :sunglasses: (Wiki-description) to detect planes and point-sets within Pointclouds. (This one did my head in a bit! :thinking:) This can be used to extract features within a cloud for creating geometry, such as floors, walls, ducts, columns and beams.

Node list

:snowflake:_Pointcloud Get Scans and Regions
:snowflake:_Pointcloud Get Transform and Scale
:snowflake:_Pointcloud RANSAC Plane Detection
:snowflake:_Pointcloud Select Points in View
:snowflake:_Pointcloud Sample Pointcloud

:snowflake:_Pointcloud Get Graphics Override Settings
:snowflake:_Pointcloud Graphics Override Settings By Elevation
:snowflake:_Pointcloud Graphics Override Settings By Fixed Color
:snowflake:_Pointcloud Graphics Override Settings By Intensity
:snowflake:_Pointcloud Graphics Override Settings By Normals
:snowflake:_Pointcloud Graphics Override Settings No-Override
:snowflake:_Pointcloud Graphics Override Settings Visibilty Hide
:snowflake:_Pointcloud Graphics Override Settings Visibility Show
:snowflake:_Pointcloud Reset Graphics Override
:snowflake:_Pointcloud Set Graphics Override
:snowflake:_Pointcloud Set Graphics Override for Scans
:snowflake:_Pointcloud Set Graphics Override for Regions

New examples for use of these nodes can be found below and on my website here:

:snowflake:_Pointcloud Set Graphics Override for Scans - Visualizing Scan Locations

:snowflake:_Pointcloud RANSAC Plane Detection - Extracting Wall and Floor Points

I am looking forward to my first release for Dynamo 2.0 :slight_smile:

Point Cloud parameters
Dynamo Object Recognition?

Very cool, thanks!

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