Sample line Creation

My English is not very good, I hope you will understand me.
I want to extend the corridor contour of the sample lines up to 1 meter outside, how can I do it. How can I do it as in the picture.
Thank you…

as in the picture

Please attached drawing example

ACAD-EXAMPLE ROAD-Model.dwg (687.1 KB)

Please attach the road surface Civil 3d , not surface AutoCAD

you do want it from surface AutoCAD

Since the file size is too large, I have to send it as cad.

you are make a c3d project




ckouran akhi
the secret is in the last video…
select alignment…

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Can we do this in dynamo?


But, I have a problem with the intersection node

I can not do that now

Thank you for the great dynamo
rely on him
@abdullahcicek try this
sampleLines__Example.dyn (74.2 KB)

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chokran akhi hosney…
thank you…
nice work, it didn’t work for me…
I made some changes, can you review them a little bit?Processing: Yeni klasör.rar…
sampleLines__Example-1.dyn (175.9 KB)
sampleLines__Example-SON.dyn (105.8 KB)

DWG file is a little big so it can’t be uploaded here. If you have an e-mail address, I’ll send it to him.

Hello, what is the error message that appears
most likely the problem with the intersection in the dynamo
And the picture of the lines inside the dynamo, is it correct?

e-mail address

If you examine the dyn file I sent
I sent it to your e-mail address

The problem is when a FeatureLines is formed from the outside border
The right side is working
But the left one does not work
because the number of vertices at the ARC is large and the distance between them is very small
The dynamo can’t configure it so it gives an error
like pictures

Therefore, you need to delete the vertices that are too close together through dynamo, liSP or any language


Drawing3.dwg (925.9 KB)

Remove vertices from 3d Polyline


static public void RemoveVertex()


    Document doc = Application.DocumentManager.MdiActiveDocument;

    Database db = doc.Database;

    Editor ed = doc.Editor;


    using (Transaction oTr =



        ObjectIdCollection ids = new ObjectIdCollection();


        PromptEntityOptions options =

                   new PromptEntityOptions("\nPick a 3DPolyline:");

        options.SetRejectMessage("Select 3DPolyline only" + "\n");

        options.AddAllowedClass(typeof(Polyline3d), true);

        PromptEntityResult result = ed.GetEntity(options);


        if (result.Status != PromptStatus.OK)



        Polyline3d oEnt = oTr.GetObject(result.ObjectId,

                                    OpenMode.ForRead) as Polyline3d;



        foreach (ObjectId oVtId in  oEnt)


            PolylineVertex3d oVt = oTr.GetObject(oVtId,

                            OpenMode.ForRead) as PolylineVertex3d;

            PromptKeywordOptions oPko =

             new PromptKeywordOptions("\nWant to remove vertex at "

                                 + oVt.Position.ToString() + "?");


            oPko.AllowNone = false;



            oPko.Keywords.Default = "No";

            PromptResult oPkr = ed.GetKeywords(oPko);


            if (oPkr.Status == PromptStatus.OK

                                && oPkr.StringResult == "Yes")






        foreach (ObjectId oVtId in ids)


            PolylineVertex3d oVt = oTr.GetObject(oVtId,

                        OpenMode.ForWrite) as PolylineVertex3d;




        if (ids.Count != 0)









@abdullahcicek @hosneyalaa there are some nodes in the Camber package that may help with this.


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Hi @mzjensen @hosneyalaa
It would be very nice if the alignment offset can be selected on the right and left.