Sample line Creation

Thank you for that tip with the node package. I am using it for the sample lines. I am using your node to create the sample Lines by station. My challenge is just to change the right and left width as mentioned above. Do you have any idea how I can manipulate the width of the sample lines with dynamo? For the Layer and the style it is no problem. Thank you for your help.

Hi @HoRo,

Yeah, that is something that I want to try to improve. I think the best way to accomplish what you’re looking for would be to use the SampleLine.ByPoints node. The way that would work would be to first get coordinate systems along the alignment at the stations where you want the sample lines. Then you would use a Point.ByCartesianCoordinates node with the left and right offset widths for the sample lines. From there, use the points to create the sample lines.

I would like to look into adding that functionality into the SampleLine.ByStation node so you could just have some inputs for the right and left widths, but I haven’t had time for it yet. I do have it on the to-do list. Here’s the issue on GitHub for tracking purposes.