Sample case09 not working

In the official help of Civil 3d
Autodesk Dynamo for Civil 3D Sample Case09
I tried (adding an attribute with pythonScript).
However, the value of the loaded attribute is displayed as “?” In PropertyPallete. For example, Handle. Volume is also the same.
I think Japanese is the reason. Because CSV export is successful in English and not in Japanese. Also, the description of the loaded attribute was garbled. I studied myself and tried # coding: utf-8 etc but it was not good.
I want to be able to use in Japanese environment. What should I do? I contacted autodesk’s japan, but it was a response to ask questions on this forum. Thank you

What was the support case number?

ケース番号 [CaseNo:15517464.] Dynamo サンプル
されておりますDynamoコミュニティ フォーラムにお問い合わせ頂けますようお

It was the answer. Thank you.

Sorry. Is this meaning?
It is this page Case09

You gave me the right info. I needed the case number to get the insight into the history of the case and the original ask. :slight_smile:

The location of the sample file is here.
● * Dynamo Samples:
C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\C3D 2020\Dynamo\Samples\en-US
Thanking you in advance.

@GoodMotherSmiling The issue there is that those are automatic values, it happens also with Civil 3D in English, I’ll have to look into that…