Sample Archive at

On there’s a section called Sample Archive, but all of the links I checked to the wiki open a blank page. Is that just meant to be a list (should the wikilinks be removed?) or do we need to write something on the wiki pages?

I believe these tutorials were for .63 Dynamo and were removed from the github now that the daily builds are .7x.

Hello Duncan Lithgow,

All new Samples you can access from the Launch page of Dynamo.

Once you install Dynamo 0.7.1, you will get all Samples stored in …c:\Programdata\Dynamo 0.7\Samples

Do let me know if you need more information, we are here to help you out.

Keep using Dynamo and share your experience by uploading Images to Gallery and Custom Nodes to Package Manager.



Someone removed the section “Sample Archive”, so this issue is resolved. Thanks to someone!