Missing folders in Dynamo samples


In the Dynamo tutorial (Dynamo Visual Programming for Design.pdf) there are references to samples, which do not install with the installation of Dynamo and are not available in the Sample Archive here http://dynamobim.org/learn/ as well. Is there any way to get those samples, like Dynamo\Core\samples\22 Color ?


Hello Marcin Klocek,

I am guessing that you have only 0.7.0 or 0.7.1 on your machine. (Samples can be found here C:\ProgramData\Dynamo.7\samples)

The Sample you are referring is from 0.6.3. (If you install 0.6.3 then you will get it.)

Let me know if you are still not clear.




Thanks for your answer Ritesh.

I have currently Dynamo 0.7.2 on my machine. From what you wrote I understand that the Dynamo tutorial - Dynamo Visual Programming for Design was written for version 0.6.3 and not updated yet. As this is currently your only .pdf tutorial for Dynamo, it would be great if you could also post the entire set of source files this tutorial refers to (as a separate download) to make it fully usable for those who want to learn from it and let the users install the latest version of Dynamo, rather than version 0.6.3.