Run completed without error but operation is not performed

after running dynamo file no error showing. But, it is not performing the operation. REFER SNAP. Thanks in advance

Let’s reply here instead of the other thread you continued as likely the issues aren’t the same.

In your case everything’s is working until the last node - Can you tell us:

  • what package is that from.
  • which version of that package.
  • which Revit year and build.
  • and which Dynamo version.

I would add to what @JacobSmall has said and say could you post what is outputted from that last node.

This is because if it uses python it might be displaying a error but in a different way to the usual yellow messages(display traceback errors as output if issue).

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@JacobSmall @Brendan_Cassidy

This script i made to convert DWG link LINE TO Pipe.

Package - MEPover
Package Version - 2019.12.01
Revit 2018

Output till 2nd last nodes is perfect as required. but last node output is null.


Your inputs in PipeType and SystemType shouldn’t be strings.